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Thursday, March 22, 2012

'Rock-a-Bye' pattern.

'ROCK-A-BYE' Quilt.
 Double Pattern-yes you get both hooters!
(I still need to add the binding to the girl quilt. I got too excited to share)
I will be sending out the first shipment of this pattern the beginning of next week. So it should hit the quilt shops very soon. BUT, I am going to be giving away a few FREE patterns! Comment on this post and your name will go into the drawing. AND...if you have a friend that becomes a follower of my blog due to your awesomeness, they can comment and add their name and yours again to up your chances. I know it's not much, but I totally intend on getting better stuff to give away as my lil' bloggy grows.

 The following pics are close ups so you can get some ideas as to how you would like the quilting done.
 I have the BEST long-arm quilter in these here Mom...she likes to turn on her oldies and dance with her machine and the results are always awesome. Thanks mama!

Sweet Tat.

 'Stitch in the Ditch' for the borders.

NOTE: Fabric used for both quilts are from 'Riley Blake Designs'. An AWESOME fabric company based out of Utah. Love their designs. BOY OWL: "Mod Tod" line. GIRL OWL: "Daisy Cottage" line.


  1. What a fun pattern!! I'm dying to become a better seamstress and learn the beautiful art of quilting! I'm going to start some sewing classes here in Kansas city... maybe you can teach me a few things when I get home? YOU ARE SO TALENTED! hopefully I win this awesome and beaitiful pattern!

    1. Awkward.... beautiful.. can't type on this fancy phone

  2. Zan, I love your quilts! So adorable!!! You're so talented!! There is nothing this cute past the boarders of Utah and Idaho, I swear! Bring this out East and you'll be a millionaire :) xo, Shana

  3. my chicken little needs this to go with his nursery. owlshave been a fav since me and my bro found and rescued a barn owl when I was 8 at my great-grandma's. Love owls! love love your stuff

  4. I am in love with your new blog! I would love the pattern....I would also love your quilting skills! You are amazing! Thanks for sharing! Cherie

  5. Owls are Adelyns theme, we pick up anything owl for her. :)
    love it!

  6. Thanks Everyone! I'm soooo pleased you like my stuff. Let me know if you ever have any questions. Happy to help!

  7. I know this post is super old...but I just bought this pattern AND a kit at "pine needles" and had to tell you how much I love it! Owls are ALL OVER my baby girl's room so this goes perfectly! :) You are so talented!