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Sunday, April 29, 2012


. . . . . .
In my attempts to make my NEW quilt pattern totally awesome...I got a smidge frustrated. So I resorted to ingesting my pins! Well, I wasn't crazy enough to actually swallow them, but I did step on one a day later! YeeOuch!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Old Barn Wood Table

 While on a Craigslist hunt for a small bench to put in my entryway, I accidentally came across this FABULOUS table! I guess it wasn't an was fate. We were meant to be together...just look at the color of those table legs! Yes, fate it was. I had a very talented friend of mine build these two benches that I painted to match. I thought about staining the top like the table, but the wood on the table is really from an old barn and didn't know if it would be too much different wood stains goin' on with my floor as well. So I stuck with an over all turquoise/blue aged look.

Little tid bit. I spray painted black over all of them, but loosely as you can see. Then I painted, with a big brush, the blue and just covered about 90%. Sanded off the edges and randomly all around. FINALLY...took an old rag and rubbed stain all over it. I would take another dry rag to wipe off where I got too much. Dried pretty quickly and then I finished off with a clear gloss finish and let air out 24 hours before bringing in the house. Voila'!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Before I announce 'De-Weiner' I would like to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. All of your comments made my heart beam. I wish I could give ALL of you a bundle...maybe someday when I find that pot of gold. :) 
OK...drum roll please.........................

Winner-Winner! Chicken Dinner!

The FREE Tuxedo Collection Fat Quarter Bundle goes to....


Congratulations my Dear!! Hope you will find something wonderful to do with this fabulous fabric. Thank you for entering. We all would love to see what you make. IF you feel comfortable, please send me a pic and little jot about your finished project someday. Could you email me your mailing address?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Flawless Binding

I love this method of sewing on your binding because it is virtual seamless! No more 'lump'.

1. Sew you binding on as you normally do but leave about a 10 inch tail 'above' where you start.
2. When you come close to the end or corner, stop and measure 1/4 inch from the bottom to where you will need to stop sewing 
(mark with a pin if you like).
 3. Back-stitch once you reach that point and pull your quilt and cut thread from machine.
-Then fold binding over so that it aligns with the quilt (dotted line) it should you followed step 2 correctly.
 4. Then fold the binding back over checking to make sure that the 'side' is aligned with the quilt (dotted line).
5. There is your fold you just did in step 4. Pin in place.
6. Now start sewing right from the edge down the other side.
7. All your corners should look like this:
8. Once you have come to the starting side and are about to meet up with your 10'' tail stop within 10''-20''.
9. Lay the starting binding strip flat and aligned with the raw edge of quilt. Repeat with your ending tail. Crease the second tail where it meets the first tail's straight cut end. Measure the distance of the binding strip's cut width. So I cut my binding at 2.5'' and that's how I know where to measure then cut.
 10. Might want to mark with a straight line and then cut.
-Should look like this after you have cut it:

 The following steps get a bit tricky. But don't worry. You can do this. Go slow and no worries if you sew it wrong the first couple of times...believe me I have. You can always pull out your trusty 'unpicker' and try again.

11. Open the end tail and lay flat. Leave there and move to step 12 working with the starting tail.
12. Open the starting tail of binding.
13. I want to word this right as not to confuse you but it's a little we go...looking at the image above; 'rotate' the "TOP of strip" towards you and then lay down on quilt top as shown in image below.
 14.Now lay the end of the binding tail on top of the starting binding tail.
15.With right sides together align at a right angle and mark with a pencil. Pin in place.
16. Sew down the line.
CHECK! 'Pull' your binding to see if it lays correctly. If it is twisted then unpick your stitch and go back to Step11 and repeat. BUT if it look good then you're a Rock Star!
16. Measure 1/4'' from stitch line and cut. Bye bye 'ear'.
 17. Iron that seam open.
18. Pin your joined binding in place aligned with raw edge and sew down.
 When you fold over check out how BOOTIFUL your biding is!! Practically seamless...flawless...ah.
p.s. I know have 18 steps for this tutorial, but I did that in case you have any questions you can go by that very specific step. Please don't be shy and ask for help if needed.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh Ariel...

While cuddling with my sweet Tristan Sue eating buttery popcorn, I had a "moment". The previews to our movie showed The Little Mermaid and I was taken back to my younger days. Jumping on the tramp with my shirt twisted in such a way that it resembled a sea shell bra/top and one fuzzy leg warmer wrapped around both of my legs to form my "tail". Bouncing around singing at the top of lungs in my "special" voice I would only bring out for such an occasion holding the metal edge of the trampoline lifting the top half of my body up as if I was really on a giant rock. I must have really "gone back" because Tris was shocked at how fab I was belting out, "Look at this stuff? Isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collections complete?" (I know your rocking this too right now) and then the finale, "I don't know when...I don't know how...but I know something starting right now!!!!!!!" It was beautiful.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Intruder.

So...I'm in my sewing room doing some computer work and I hear a noise that sounds like someone trying to break in!!! It got louder and louder...I grab my BIG scissors, take a deep breath, and creep out to face my intruder. No way he can beat me with my pair of Gingher's in hand. But what do I find? My green beans for lunch are on the stove top burning! Oops. 
(I still ate them...butter and salt can fix anything)

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ENDS: April 11'th

Thanks Ya'll! Always here for any sewing/crafting questions.