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Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day toe Ya!!

DIY 4-leaf clover pennant.
Light Heat-N-Bond Adhesive Transfer Paper, green felt, burlap, cotton stuffn'.
Burlap is kinda tricky to work with. I just cut rectangles at about 6x8. Then turned the top (shorter length) over about a 1/2 inch to form the 'tunnel' for you twine to thread through for hanging. Do all of those first. Then eyeball the triangle cut. (examine pic). Doing this first will help you to center your clovers better.  After you have traced clovers to Heat and Bond Adhesive Transfer Paper, cut them into squares and iron down to the wrong side of felt. THEN you cut them out on the line. Peel off paper and put a lil' stuffn' in the center and iron down. I had to press the edges down for a bit while the felt cooled to help it hold. 
Casing for twine to thread through (this is the underside).
I used a simple straight stitch with a thread that had a hue of turquoise. I can't resist using that color any chance i get!
Viola'! Clear as Mud?
This lovely little decor is hanging in my dear friend Bobbins house. We just taped it to her mantle.
We LOVE our 'plump' little clovers. Grab a box of Lucky Charms and head over to your BF's house and whip this up one afternoon for the holidays.

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  1. Zan, I love this just so you know! - Jackie Barron