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Monday, March 24, 2014

Roos Pink Hair.

This morning while cooking eggs with Roo and all of her long 3.75 year old body on hip, I made the observation that due to her cold she needed some greasy stuff on her rosy PINK cheeks and lips (Vaseline). 
" I do?" She replies with that Elvis lip and inquisitive brow. 
"Yup Roo. They are getting all red and sore." I explained. 
"Mommy, my cheeks aren't red! I have pink hair like you! See!" As she pushed her cheeks to my face" 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"The Dolls."

"Hey Mom! Can you help us make a 'Music Movie'?" My two oldest curly headed girls ask which followed with begging, nagging, pleading, ect. "Sure girls! I will stop everything and do that right now because it would mean a lot to you and the dishes, laundry, dinner, can wait!" I replied with gusto. ......ahem.....ok so I didn't actually say that. In fact, I put them off for weeks and weeks!!!! Then my BEAUTIFUL niece, Taylor, who is uuuber talented came to visit last weekend and we decided to make their little dream come true. We found a perfect little setting down in the canyon by the Shoshone Falls, took a few 'fashion' pics of each other for fun, shared an oriental chicken wrap with burnt lemon-aid & some tots, then surprised the girls by taking them out of school early. They picked their song. I was kinda pulling for an Imagine Dragons song since they are my FLAVORITE band ever...but didn't push it because I really wanted them to pick what THEY wanted. They chose one that really tickled them pink. It was a "scary one". They are hilarious. For being pretty girly-girls they sure do like creepy things/stories. Probably the 2 million episodes of Scooby-Doo they were raised on. Anywho....they chose their song and then dreamed up a few story-lines/costume/makeup ideas. This is where Taylor and I stepped in. If Tris had her way there would have been more blood and horror. The concept of "creepy dolls" was the wiener. THE STORY: Two little girls are captured and turned into personalized dolls for an evil forest witch (taylor). They try many times to escape, but never succeed. They dream about their mother and wish to be with her. The witch notices this, and grows to understand and love. The witch then lets the girls go to be with their mother (me). The reunion is sweet and with one touch of the Mother's hand they are transformed back to normal. But the witch spy's on the girls to see how their life is and the girls notice her and gladly take her into their world of happiness.

The Dolls from Taylor Bollwinkel on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Check Out LD!

I know I have said it before, but I LURVE Lettering Delights website! I have used their fonts, graphics, and ideas ALOT. I especially like to use their graphics for sewing projects even though they might be designed for card making or scrap-booking mostly. I also have a ZING cutter and they have SVG files to use with your cutter! If you haven't joined their site then click on the link below and get started. It's free, easy, and your mind with explode with ideas once you 'snoop' around. Er...and you get $50 worth of free stuff. HELLO!

Free Product

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bedtime Prayers.

Quinn-A-Roo, my 2 year old, just thanked Heavenly Father for "her iPad" about a dozen times tonight in her prayers. I must admit it was so dawling, but I also wondered if I should be a bit worried....oh well! I'm sure HE got a chuckle out of it.

Monday, December 10, 2012

And da WINNER is. . .

- - - Chelle! - - -

You won the JINGLE BUGS pillow!!

We did our drawing "old skoo" style and literally gave y'all a number, wrote them down on paper, folded them up and drew them from a hat...well...a plastic bowl actually.  I want to thank you all for your kinds words and support by becoming a follower. Now that I am moved into our new home (mostly) I hope to get more fun things posted.

NOTE: If the pillow isn't claimed by Thursday after Christmas I will re-draw.

Christine: Be sure to email me ( with your mailing address so I can get yer dawling pillow sent out ASAP. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thank YOU!!

First off, I hope you enjoyed the "Jingle Hop". I sure did! And I have to tell you I have been walking around my house with an extra skip in my step the past few days. Why you ask? Well.....because of YOU!!! Seriously! Go read all the seriously SWEET comments y'all left me!! I wish I could bake 36 dozen cookies and deliver them personally.  Really meant a lot to me. 
Macho Grassy Ass!!!

p.s. WINNER for my piller will be announced tomorrow after I go to church!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Lettering Delights "JINGLE HOP"  is happening. . .NOW!!!  
NEW to my blog? Follow me and share my love for quilting, crafting, refurbishing, eating naughty stuff, and crazy tales from the Taylor Family!

-FREEBIES at every BLOG! 
-Enter codes from each blog to win a ZING CUTTER!!!! 
-My CODE: sY6g2 (write this down)
-Details at here: (jingle hop ad)

Get my FREEBIE (click below):
- Go get it and together we can make my pillow!!!!!
-Or use it for paper crafting too!!!!!

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Jingle Bugs Pillow Tutorial!!

-I made this pillow with the "Bah Humbug" graphics from Lettering website. This set is FREE on my blog December 5-7 in loo of the Blog Hop that is happening. I used my sweeeet ZING Cutter Machine for the first time when making this and it was so so fun! I am in the process of moving....bluh.... and so my goal is to get the 'essentials' all unpacked and then my reward is that I get to play with my fancy-shmancy cutter!!

  1. Steam-A-Seam Adhesive Paper (light-bond)
  2. Fabric scraps of chosen colors.
  3. Large piece of White fabric for pillow (mine measured 13.5x9.5)
  4. Cotton to stuff it with.
  5. Thread to match corrdinating fabrics.
  6. Needle and Thread.
  7. Bag of Peanut Butter M&M's      
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1. If you are going to make multiply pillows, like for Christmas gifts, then you will want to cut your chosen fabrics into 12.5x12.5 squares and your Steam-A-Seam Adhesive Paper into 12x12 squares. IF you are only making one then you will just need scraps large enough for each piece. Your fabric needs to be slightly larger than your adhesive paper. (image below) In my directions I am only making one.
SIDE NOTE: I apologize that my brain was not working correctly when I made this. I was in the process of boxing up my house for the big move. I placed/taped some of my pieces to the cutting mat with the fabric side on top and then some pieces with the paper side on top. Please note that if you have the paper on top (as shown in most of my pictures) you will get a mirror image of the graphic or letter. Just keep that in mind. Sometimes that little trick comes in handy though.....moving on.

2. Based on the placement in your ZING computer program, place your pieces accordingly. NOTE: I found it hard to keep track of the "top" of my cutting mat so I used a permanent marker and mimicked the triangle on the program by drawing it directly on my mat. This was a HUGE help! I also found that if I sprayed my mat with a little adhesive spray that really helped my pieces stay in place. Before you move on to taping them down check, check, and then check again that you have them placed correctly with what is seen on your screen.
 3. TAPE THEM DOWN!! I can speak from experience that if you do not it will make a mess. I liked the blue painters tape because it came off easily and I could reuse the strips.
 4. After all pieces were taped down I held my mat up to the window to find the bottom right hand corner square where my red laser needs to be once I am ready to cut. I marked it with a red dot so I could find it.
 5. See how handy that little tip was? I think the 6'th handful of M&M's helped me figure that one out.
 6. I read the Zing Manual and tried cutting a little on the settings it suggested and it did work, but I found that for me these setting worked out a lot better. You may want to play around with some scraps first to tweek yours as well.
 7. LOOK who made an oops! It happens...plan it...but no worries!
 8. A small pair of sharp tip scissors will come in handy to clip the few threads that hang on.
 9. I was pretty skeptical that it would be able to cut out those tiny little legs and eye holes without making a mess or not cutting through all the way....I stand corrected.
 10. Here is a picture of the CORRECT way to place your fabric...FABRIC side UP!
 11. Just an example of what I meant when I said that placing the Fabric side up or the Paper side up will cause a mirror-image result.
 12. Peel off your Steam-A-Seam paper and place your pieces where you will want them. DO NOT IRON YET!
 13. Now that you have placed all your pieces right where you want them you are ready to iron them down.
14. I used a blanket stitch to sew down all the edges of the pieces. I also chose to use matching thread for each color.
15. When it came to the bug's legs I found that starting at that bottom helped the little legs not lift and get mangled up. I tried a zig-zag stitch over the whole leg and then a straight stitch along the edges. Both worked about the same. 
 16. Once you are done then you are ready to sew your front to your back and leave about a 4 inch hold on side (I did mine on the bottom) so that I could turn it inside out. Stuff your stuffing in this hole and then whip-stitch that opening shut.