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Monday, May 21, 2012

My SWEET Phone.

Yes.... I did buy this ridiculously awesome hot pink phone that plugs into your cell so you can freak people out while driving in your car. Bonus: Me and my neck are friends again!


Right now my little Sister Sue has a loose tooth. One of her front teeth and it is hanging on by a thread! It's hilarious to watch her talk to you because it's just 'bouncin' around as she speaks. I named her 'Scraggle-Tooth' the other night. Sometimes I get a little weary about calling them names, but it just came out and luckily she liked it. Craig has been calling Quinny...Boogers! She smiles and just loves it. Gross. Bug hasn't developed a random temporary new nickname but I have discovered what a little song bird she is. She loves to listen to 'my music' and can sing right along. Right now she really likes Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons. She even sings the little parts in the background that you might not ever notice. I am excited to see what my girls will decide to do in the future. Sports, music, theater, cooking, art, whatever! I will support them in their desires....especially if it's baking.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So I was just thinking about a trial in my life that I recently overcame..phew! I have always planned on sharing my story with others but I am still gathering my thoughts. I can say that while in the eye of the storm I would pray that if I must go through this please help me be able to help another. If I could do that then I would continue the fight. Then it made me think, "What motivates others to keep on going?" Because what worked for me might not work for the next. If anyone feels like sharing something that has helped them that would be lovely. Never know whom it might uplift just enough to help them see the sun through those @#%! dark clouds. We, sisters on this Earth, need to help one another. Amen.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NEW Pattern!

How-Day Ya'll! 
 I am so excited about this quilt..been dreaming for quite some time to make a 'doodle' design with good old regular Joe-Schmo paper. I couldn't wait to share and so I still have to quilt it and sew on a binding. oops. AND I haven't named it yet...suggestions? I was thinking something with 'doodle'?

 . . . . . . . .
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 So my eldest daughter, Kaylee Bug, is so freaking excited because I surprised her and used her kitty! She is always drawing and sometimes she will give me one and say I can use it in one of my quilts if I like.

 Gotta have a Mama and her bybee!

You could add a child's name above the door if you want to personalize it.

Gifts of Love.

It's nice to go away for a little while and have a little 'me-time'. One of the other perks to sleeping in, eating a warm meal, and using the potty allll by to come home to happy happy happy kids. My girls wrote me little love notes and gave me gifts! Wow! I'm one special Mama. Loved how they taped them with my blue painters tape too.

 Bug gave me a lovely shriveled up dandelion. ahh.

Tris found this hip hot pink shredded feather from the playground. Lovely. 

I truly was touched. L.O.V.E. my girly-squirlies!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nite-Time Giggles

My 7 and 6 year olds are suppose to be reading the back of their eyelids but instead they are giggling like crazy as I hear them talking about bodily functions (with sound effects) and then a random episode of yelling out Ina pretty darn good western accent,"Well hellooo there!" They laugh at that soo hard I know ones going to wet their jammers. I love it.

Kindergarten is Ruff.

As I was doing my little darlings hair for school I noticed her little lip was hanging down and quivering so I asked:

"What's the matter Sis?" 
"I don't want to go to school."
"But why? Is someone being mean to you or something?"
She replied in her somber sweet voice,
"No. I'm just so tired of all the gluuue, the scissorrrrs, the cuttingggg, and all the messes."

I tried not to laugh out loud, but replied in an understanding tone,
"I know what you mean. Some days I just don't want to cook dinner. It makes such a mess and I have to clean it all up. Hang tough sweetie. If we don't do those things that are hard then you'll never learn and we'll never eat! You be brave and tough today and I will try too, OK?"