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Thursday, March 29, 2012

'Fashionista' T-Shirt Dress.

  This was not made from a pattern...but from me and my dear friend Bobbins brain, trial and error, peanut butter oatmeal white chocolate cookies and these items: (recipe below)
  • 1. T-shirt from Target.
  • 2. Shiny fabric cut into 3 strips; small, med, large. (I had to add an additional strip to Roo's for length)
  • 3. Black and white ribbon sewn over the top strip seam to form a belt/band. 
 The process in making this dress was not very 'clean' we totally made it up as we went. But here a few tips in case you want to try it for yourself. I measured the width of the shirt to know how long my strips needed to be to sew them to the shirt. I add 4 inches in length to the first strip to gather and add a little wave, 6 inches to the second strip, 8 inches to the bottom strip. NOTE! The fabric, although shiny and pretty, doesn't stretch! My friend is going to have to add a zipper to her daughters dress because she can't get it over her shoulders. I would use something with stretch next time. For Quinn's dress I simply sewed each strip on to the actually t-shirt. My friend made a little slip and sewed her strips to that first then sewed the slip/skirt to the t-shirt.

Cookie Recipe:
(copy and paste the link below into your address bar)


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