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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Easy Chandelier

My new sewing room light that is nice and bright.

Bought light for $25. Used 1.5 cans of "Candy Pink" RUST-OLEUM spray paint. Personal opinion, Krylon from Micheals is terrible, no bueno. I kept the old bulbs in to protect the wiring stuff inside.
Nice bright light!

The bulbs where totally affordable and bought at Home Depot. The center one has almost a gem shape. Perfect! Found the beads at Micheal's. Dug around the house and grabbed my hubby's tackle box. "Borrowed" some hooks and fishing line. Measure with the line or beads to visualize how much you want it to hang down. I cut extra to make it easier to tie. The white beads I didn't re-string, just tied it up to the existing pink beads. Hook it anywhere and let the gems bling bling away!



  1. This is SUPER cute! I love how every room in your house is so colorful like you! This post makes me want to decorate my art room too. Now I just have to get enough energy. Hoping I will after having my laposcopy surgery this past wed. They cleaned me out well all the endrom. hahahaa...wondering if it will help me feel better. Then I CAN have more energy to create fun stuff. yippy!!

  2. I really hope that it will help you too lady. It's no fun at all. I bet it will. Just keep on top of it and try your best to keep a bright outlook and chin up. You're a ball of sunshine and so I don't think anything can keep you down for too long. Always here if you want a second opinion on anything for your room. I'm no expert, but I love to do it anyways.