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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glenda The Good Witch.

First off . . . HAPPY HALLOWEENY from the Taylor Bunch!!!
(yes, my hubby is crazy and my baby refused to wear her costume.)
 Ya'll sick of fighting about candy with your kids after Halloween?
Introducing my solution:
Who is "Glenda The Good Witch"? (other than the perdy lady on Wizard of OZ)  Well at our house she is a nice Halloween Witch that saves my backside a few pounds each year!  She collects candy in exchange for a little gift.
-small toy
Here is how WE do it, but feel free to alter yours to fit yo famila. Once we get home from Trick-or-Treating the kiddos dump out all their boodle into a pile.  They giggle with delight, chomp on a few pieces, trade and beg, and then they are given a sandwich size Ziploc bag that they can fill with their favorites.  But they can only keep what will fit in that bag and so they fill that sucker up to the tip top! But it has to be able to zip shut.  The rest of the candy is placed on the doorstep before bedtime. Then the childrens all go to sleep and dream about what little surprise "Glenda" will bring.

HINT: I copied a script font from my computer to disguise my handwriting.
BONUS: You could save "Glenda's Candy" for stocking stuffers.

Here is what "Glenda" left them this year. $2.00 soft dog figurine at Target.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloweeny Wreathe.

All of the items I used were found at Michaels Craft Store and 50% off! Wrapped my straw wreathe, which beware makes a mess!  I sat on my kitchen rug so that I could just take it out and shake it. The Skeletens came in a string so I just cut one off and used the rest to hang on my "mantle".  The spiders came in a pack as well and so I have taped the rest on varies frames and such for a spooky suprize. One spider is hanging with some clear thread from my kitchen chandlier...still get's ME! I HATE SPIDERS! The D.O.A. tag came in a pack and suppose to be used to tie to your drinks at a party.  I am going to use the rest to tie to a few gifts I have made as a gift tag.  Eyeballs came in a pack (i bought 2) and just glued then on with a glue gun along with the spider. Tied my darling sweet crow down by wrapping some extra yarn around his feet.

My "mantle"... tehe.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Holiday Pillowcases!

I am currently taking a FABULOUS parenting class and in one of the sessions we talked about the importance of traditions in our homes. It truly touched me. Seriously could talk for hours on the awesomeness of it all.  It really helps our children feel loved and apart of the family.  It gives them treasured memories as well.  And it's just plain ole' fun!  I am trying to start a few new ones and one is a Halloween Pillowcase.  We put them on October 1st for my kiddo's to sleep on, which they think is pretty stinkin' cool, and then on Halloween night they can pull them off and use them as their 'Trick or Treat' bags! You could make some for any other Holiday as well...hmmm...maybe a Valentines piller with a pocket for little love notes would be cute.

p.s. this is not my pillow.
 As for the pattern I used...well...I just made it up as I went along. I did, however, find a link on Pinterest (of course) that has a really easy way to make them if you so desire. There is a link below for the PDF instructions and another link for a step by step video! But please ask any questions if needs be.  I am always happy to help ya!

I challenge you to start a new tradition too!


PDF: (click on the "Roll It Up" pattern)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Smell My Feet!

I am fortunate enough to be friends with two AMAZING illustrators; Jillustration and Rani from I think that their website is a MUST not only for scrapbookers, card-makers, but for QUILTERS and hand embroidery! I plan on using more and more of their designs in my future endevors. You MUST check them out! Example of how I used some of their stuff below:

I LOVED Jill's "Smell My Feet" collection and wanted to make a Halloween wall hanging with it. And the colors are perfect. So simple! If you have made any of my patterns then you know how to trace and adhere for applique. That's all I did here. After I purchased this collection, which is only $4.00 for the whole bundle - SMELL MY FEET -
I simply printed them out and then blew them up to the size I desired. If you look closely you can see my 4 white squares in the quilt. Those squares FINISH at: 8.5 x 11.  The checkered fabric I folded in half and ironed down then sewed it so it would make more of a flap for fun. This is our family's FAVORITE Halloween decoration by far! 

 Please let me know if you have any questions!


Friday, October 5, 2012

A-Freakingmazing Artichoke Dip!

I found this recipe from Pinterest and when I made it last year for Thanksgiving and it was a HIT!
Y'all should make this so that your taste-buds can take a trip to PARADISE!

I have made a recipe book for my family filled with all of our FAVS. If the recipe isn't FAB then it doesn't make the book.  So they are most definitely 'tried and true'. I type them up with this same format so they look PERDY in my book. And as a full sheet of paper it's easy to read.  They are put in page protectors so you can wipe them clean easily after you have just slopped them with sauce dancing to Lady GaGa. I am not sure how to share a PDF file so that you can print it out, but I did share it as a photo. IF you really want the PDF file comment or email me and I will email it to you. 

ENJOY this blessed dip!!!