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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloweeny Wreathe.

All of the items I used were found at Michaels Craft Store and 50% off! Wrapped my straw wreathe, which beware makes a mess!  I sat on my kitchen rug so that I could just take it out and shake it. The Skeletens came in a string so I just cut one off and used the rest to hang on my "mantle".  The spiders came in a pack as well and so I have taped the rest on varies frames and such for a spooky suprize. One spider is hanging with some clear thread from my kitchen chandlier...still get's ME! I HATE SPIDERS! The D.O.A. tag came in a pack and suppose to be used to tie to your drinks at a party.  I am going to use the rest to tie to a few gifts I have made as a gift tag.  Eyeballs came in a pack (i bought 2) and just glued then on with a glue gun along with the spider. Tied my darling sweet crow down by wrapping some extra yarn around his feet.

My "mantle"... tehe.

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