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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glenda The Good Witch.

First off . . . HAPPY HALLOWEENY from the Taylor Bunch!!!
(yes, my hubby is crazy and my baby refused to wear her costume.)
 Ya'll sick of fighting about candy with your kids after Halloween?
Introducing my solution:
Who is "Glenda The Good Witch"? (other than the perdy lady on Wizard of OZ)  Well at our house she is a nice Halloween Witch that saves my backside a few pounds each year!  She collects candy in exchange for a little gift.
-small toy
Here is how WE do it, but feel free to alter yours to fit yo famila. Once we get home from Trick-or-Treating the kiddos dump out all their boodle into a pile.  They giggle with delight, chomp on a few pieces, trade and beg, and then they are given a sandwich size Ziploc bag that they can fill with their favorites.  But they can only keep what will fit in that bag and so they fill that sucker up to the tip top! But it has to be able to zip shut.  The rest of the candy is placed on the doorstep before bedtime. Then the childrens all go to sleep and dream about what little surprise "Glenda" will bring.

HINT: I copied a script font from my computer to disguise my handwriting.
BONUS: You could save "Glenda's Candy" for stocking stuffers.

Here is what "Glenda" left them this year. $2.00 soft dog figurine at Target.

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