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Monday, April 16, 2012

Old Barn Wood Table

 While on a Craigslist hunt for a small bench to put in my entryway, I accidentally came across this FABULOUS table! I guess it wasn't an was fate. We were meant to be together...just look at the color of those table legs! Yes, fate it was. I had a very talented friend of mine build these two benches that I painted to match. I thought about staining the top like the table, but the wood on the table is really from an old barn and didn't know if it would be too much different wood stains goin' on with my floor as well. So I stuck with an over all turquoise/blue aged look.

Little tid bit. I spray painted black over all of them, but loosely as you can see. Then I painted, with a big brush, the blue and just covered about 90%. Sanded off the edges and randomly all around. FINALLY...took an old rag and rubbed stain all over it. I would take another dry rag to wipe off where I got too much. Dried pretty quickly and then I finished off with a clear gloss finish and let air out 24 hours before bringing in the house. Voila'!


  1. I love this!!!! Why has fate not lead me to a table like this yet!!!!?

    1. I'll try to conjure up one for ya. Actually, I want to try and make one myself! Once I do I'll post it for ya.