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Monday, May 21, 2012


Right now my little Sister Sue has a loose tooth. One of her front teeth and it is hanging on by a thread! It's hilarious to watch her talk to you because it's just 'bouncin' around as she speaks. I named her 'Scraggle-Tooth' the other night. Sometimes I get a little weary about calling them names, but it just came out and luckily she liked it. Craig has been calling Quinny...Boogers! She smiles and just loves it. Gross. Bug hasn't developed a random temporary new nickname but I have discovered what a little song bird she is. She loves to listen to 'my music' and can sing right along. Right now she really likes Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons. She even sings the little parts in the background that you might not ever notice. I am excited to see what my girls will decide to do in the future. Sports, music, theater, cooking, art, whatever! I will support them in their desires....especially if it's baking.

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