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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"The Dolls."

"Hey Mom! Can you help us make a 'Music Movie'?" My two oldest curly headed girls ask which followed with begging, nagging, pleading, ect. "Sure girls! I will stop everything and do that right now because it would mean a lot to you and the dishes, laundry, dinner, can wait!" I replied with gusto. ......ahem.....ok so I didn't actually say that. In fact, I put them off for weeks and weeks!!!! Then my BEAUTIFUL niece, Taylor, who is uuuber talented came to visit last weekend and we decided to make their little dream come true. We found a perfect little setting down in the canyon by the Shoshone Falls, took a few 'fashion' pics of each other for fun, shared an oriental chicken wrap with burnt lemon-aid & some tots, then surprised the girls by taking them out of school early. They picked their song. I was kinda pulling for an Imagine Dragons song since they are my FLAVORITE band ever...but didn't push it because I really wanted them to pick what THEY wanted. They chose one that really tickled them pink. It was a "scary one". They are hilarious. For being pretty girly-girls they sure do like creepy things/stories. Probably the 2 million episodes of Scooby-Doo they were raised on. Anywho....they chose their song and then dreamed up a few story-lines/costume/makeup ideas. This is where Taylor and I stepped in. If Tris had her way there would have been more blood and horror. The concept of "creepy dolls" was the wiener. THE STORY: Two little girls are captured and turned into personalized dolls for an evil forest witch (taylor). They try many times to escape, but never succeed. They dream about their mother and wish to be with her. The witch notices this, and grows to understand and love. The witch then lets the girls go to be with their mother (me). The reunion is sweet and with one touch of the Mother's hand they are transformed back to normal. But the witch spy's on the girls to see how their life is and the girls notice her and gladly take her into their world of happiness.

The Dolls from Taylor Bollwinkel on Vimeo.

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