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Monday, August 13, 2012

Parenting Discovery!!

So before I BLOW you away with my new 'Awesome Parenting Discovery' a trick that will solve all your problems with noisy children, I wanted to show you how stinkin' cute my little Roo is.

 Here she is happy happy happy to be wearing one of Mama's "prettys". (necklace)

The Discovery below is pretty buckle up!

Do your children or cute little niece and nephews giggle and play loudly...VERY loudly? Do they continue to play at the maximum volume even after you have asked nicely 20 times to turn it down a bit? And do they actually break the sound barrior while your baby is trying to take a nap? WELL....I have a solution.

Tell them you have the COOLEST movie on Earth for them to watch.  Tell them that you can only watch it if they have their brave panties on.  Ask multiple times if they are SURE they can handle the mind blowing events that are about to all of this in whisper by the way. Once they take the 'bait' turn on JUMANJI.  Then grab your camera, a cold drink of your preference, kick off your flippity-flops and enjoy 'the show'.

Practically silent for almost 2 hours. Only the sound of a few gasps and flies buzzing in and out of their dropped jaws. 

I'm nearly a genius.

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