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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I am sooo excited to start sharing my creations with YOU! Just getting the 'work' done on setting my blog up, but thought I would share just a few pics of what I have done. Feel free to comment on any that you reeeeally want to know how to do OR suggestions of something you don't see and I will do my best to figure it out and save some dough-ray-me (money) in the process. Thanks for dropping by and I hope to 'cyber' see ya again soon.


  1. you are so amazingly talented - i long to be creative.... ;-)

  2. Well thank you very much. I saw your post about your bybee turning 10...I would be a happy mess that day too. Chin up though. Know you're a good Mama and someday Grans babies

  3. Hey! I'm ready to refinish my piano and Christie Hepworth sent me to you for tips on the project!!! Let me know if you can help me out! Thankyou! Kristen Rockwood

  4. Christie is such a cutie! I used my hand sander and just 'roughed' it up. I didn't sand it down to the bone. I would invest in a good paintbrush, not too big, I like to use the kind that painters use for 'cutting in'. Medium size. Use that for the nooks, cranny's, and legs. I did use a roller for the larger surface areas because it saves from seeing 'brush strokes'. The keys are the hardest. I wish I had a pic to help, but just try to tape them up the best you can. Use a nice craft like paint brush (not a sponge one) about a 1/2 inch wide to get around the keys. I actually had to push the keys down while painting behind them because taping was too tough for that section. Is that clear as mud? Please let me know if it's still unclear. All in all, be patient, it's best to have to do another light coat then rush it by doing heavy coats and then you have to fix globs. Be sure you let it dry completely between coats! Otherwise you will 'pull' the half-dry paint and make an awful mess. Check all over before you add another coat for bumps which you can sand off gently with a little piece of sandpaper. Once your done painting use your 'painters' brush and finish it with a water-based poly-acrylic lacquer, sheen to your taste, this gives it some added protection. I used a semi-gloss to help keep it clean because I have wee ones with sticky fingers. Please ask more questions if you need to. I am happy to help you along the way. AND don't forget to take before and after pics. Those are the best!